Revolutionizing Verifiable NFT Authorship to Benefit Artists

Artists and creators can use Serto to assert their identities outside of centralized platforms, and get started on their journey making future-proof NFTs.

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The Identity Problem with NFTs

The Artist’s relationship to the NFT is locked into the platform where they created it.

Many NFT platforms create a link between the artistic work and an identity assigned to the artist on the platform. Currently, there’s no easy association with the identity of the artist outside the platform other than a blockchain address that is not human readable. More commonly known identifiers like the artist's website, their social media and the brand that they have spent their career building are not associated to that blockchain address in any durable way.

If the platform that issued the NFT disappears in the future, or you take the NFT away from the platform, you lose the platform-specific identity data about its creator, as well as information about the artwork linked to the NFT. This defeats most of the value of creating the NFT in the first place.

The Solution using Serto

The Artist creates a decentralized identifier (DID) that is not tied to a single platform.

The Serto Agent allows NFT creators to generate their own decentralized identifier (DID), and start using it to represent themselves in web3 space.

By anchoring this identifier back to their social identity – such as their website or their Twitter handle – it becomes interwoven with that social identity, a web3 address as recognizably associated with them as their name.

The consumer can discover and verify the artist’s identities and NFTs in the wild.

Serto Search lets anyone to easily find more information modeled after the experience of traditional search engines.

When a creator has their DID in place, and then makes NFTs, those NFTs carry with them a link back to their creator that is not dependent on one specific platform. These NFTs can readily be traced back to the social identity of the creator, their website, their real identity in a human-readable format.

A Historic NFT Collaboration

We are excited to debut this exciting technology for use in the arts with Clarence Greenwood, better known as Citizen Cope.

Serto Provides Verifiable NFT Authorship for Citizen Cope’s First-of-its-kind NFT Experience.


Clarence Greenwood was preparing to expand his creative practice into the world of NFTs, in conjunction with an upcoming Citizen Cope album.


Most audiovisual NFT artworks do not have a verifiable signature from their author at the protocol layer, but instead have to trust the centralized app selling the work to say who created it. This means that if you take the NFT away from the platform, or the platform disappears, it may be impossible to find the name of the artist. There are dozens of NFT platforms today, so the risk is real.

Citizen Cope’s independent career has outlasted multiple record labels.
He hopes to create lasting artworks built to live as culture in perpetuity,
not as assets that lose context when commercial businesses disappear.


The Verifiable Genesis is a first-of-its-kind NFT experience, created by Citizen Cope in partnership with Serto and ConsenSys. This NFT will take one crypto-savvy superfan on a journey through New York City, web2 and web3.

Citizen Cope claimed their decentralized identity in web3, and shared that on their website. This means that all future NFTs created using that identity can be clearly linked back to Citizen Cope’s identity — the website, the name, the brand, and even more in the future.

View Citizen Cope's historic Verifiable Genesis NFT here.
View Citizen Cope’s verified identity here using Serto Search, and see the DID in action.


  • This NFT carries its own provenance and has a robust verifiable authorship, giving it lasting identity across platforms and beyond the exchange.
  • No matter where the NFT goes, collectors and fans will be able to trace the work back to Citizen Cope’s identity.
  • Because Citizen Cope has claimed their decentralized identity in web3, all future NFTs created using that identity will be clearly linked back to Citizen Cope independent of platform.
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