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Meet Serto Suite
Introducing Serto Agent, Serto Search, and Serto Schemas. The tools you need to make decentralized identity a reality.

How Decentralized Identity Works

Unlike traditional identity systems, decentralized systems allow a verifier to trust a credential directly without needing to have a relationship with the issuer of the credential.

Manage Identifiers

Create decentralized identifiers with a number of different DID methods such as DID:ETH, DID:WEB, DID:KEY and more.

Issue Credentials

Create Verifiable credentials according to any schema and issue them directly from the UI. Seamlessly send credentials from your Agent to any other.

Receive Credentials

Receive and store credentials issued to your identifiers. Use those credentials to prove your identity and reputation with others easily and verifiably.

Serto Search

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Discover Identities

Search for others with decentralized identifiers and view their profiles. Use those identifiers to issue them credentials.

Verify Credentials

Check the authenticity of a credential that has been presented to you by pasting it into Serto Search. Verify the cryptography, the issuer, and the schema used for a verfiable credential.

Verify NFTs

Verify whether or not a given ERC-721 compliant Non-fungible token's author has a decentralized identifier and view what other identifiers are tied to that Ethereum address.

Serto Schemas

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Create Credential Templates

A user-friendly UI lets you create credential schemas from scratch that can be used to issue verifiable credentials for diplomas, medical records, employment, and much more.

Discover Schemas

No need to re-invent the wheel. Search the schema database to find templates that have already been created by others for any number of use cases. Sort schemas by which ones are most popular.

Fork and Extend

Find verifiable credentials near to your needs and extend the schema to be the perfect fit for your business case.

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