About Serto
Serto is a new way of thinking about how decentralized identity works.

We’re on a mission to evolve digital identity by providing you the tools and infrastructure to empower your people. You can help them own and control their data, privacy, and how they trust. We believe that only by enabling positive interactions, can we build equitable, trustworthy relationships between individuals, organizations, and digital systems.

Meet the Founding Team

We are curious technology enthusiasts, leveraging our experiences from uPort, Civil Media, and Consensys. We come from diverse backgrounds and countries as far as Brazil, Nigeria, and United States.

Evin McMullen

Partnerships Lead

Italo Borssatto

Tech Lead

Nguyet Vuong

Product Design &
Research Lead

Eseoghene Mentie

QA & Release Lead

Jonny Howle

Experience Lead

Nick Reynolds

Senior Software Engineer

Toby Fox

Senior Software Engineer

Sarah Ruddy

Senior Front-End Engineer

Aldi Gjoka

Senior Back-End Engineer

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